We supply the products

You list the products online

We ship, you get paid

We ship a batch of 50 new products to you each time. When you're done, we'll ship you a new batch. 

You take photos and list the products on the Melltoo marketplace. You get paid for every unique listing you create.

When an item sells, we'll ship it to the buyer and you'll earn an 8-12% commission on total sales.


How much can I earn? 

Power sellers are paid a commission of 8-15% of the total sales amount that they generate. In addition, they earn a listing bonus for every unique item listed. A starting power seller can earn between 800 - 2,000 AED a month for about 2-3 hours of time spent each day. This amount can grow by creating Power Seller affiliate networks, an option available to Power Sellers who have reached specified targets. 

Are there any fees to join the program? 

There are no fees to join the program if you can provide a valid Emirates ID and a current utility/bank statement in your name. If you cannot, then a fully refundable deposit of 500 AED will be collected from you at the time you receive your first shipment. This deposit amount may also be waived if you are an existing seller of Melltoo who meets the minimum criteria.

"I've been a Power Seller for 3 months now and I have started creating my own affiliate network to grow my earnings. I'm excited to be my own boss.

- Anushka Singh
Abu Dhabi

"I've already been using Melltoo to sell my own personal stuff. So it's easy for me to sell more stuff to make more money on the side.

- Kay Elenn
Ras Al Khaimah

"I'm a busy stay-at-home mom with young children. It's great to be able to start a small business from home, without having to leave my kids.

- Umm Muhammad

What kind of products will I be selling? 

The products that we provide are new overstock inventory from ecommerce companies and retail shops in the UAE. Products range from fashion and apparel to home wares and electronics. Products include a mix of generic and brand name items. As a Power Seller, you will be able to sell the products at deep discounts from the original retail price.  

Build your home business or earn extra income by selling new products online without leaving your home. For UAE residents only.

How does it work?

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Sell our products online from the comfort of your home

How can I get started? 

In order to qualify to become a Power Seller, you have to complete the online Power Seller training course. You can do this at your own pace. The course will cover everything you need to know about the program including how to get started and best practices to maximize earnings. The course spans 14 modules, each module consists of a 2-3 min video and a 5 question quiz.  

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